Marjorie Cevallos: Hottest Photos Of The Ecuadorian Model



Marjorie Cevallos is Queen of the World. Literally, she won a beauty pageant called “Queen of the World” during her time in Germany. She has won numerous other beauty pageants. She even represented the entire country of Ecuador in the Miss World 2008 competition.

Cevallos is stunningly gorgeous. She’s also very tall for a lady. This gal is a true six-foot tall goddess. She’s won so many beauty contests, including Miss Renella, Queen of the Fae, Sovereign of Duran, and Miss Ecuador. She’s a college-educated woman as well, majoring in social communication.

Marjorie spent the majority of her life living in the mini-city of Duran, Ecuador. Now, I bring her back onto the world’s stage. Come gaze at this gorgeous model. Stay as long as you wish. Here are 25 of her hottest photos:

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