WATCH: Underhanded MMA Fighter Fakes Glove Touch And Then Immediately Lands Knockout Punch

WATCH: MMA Fighter Fakes Glove Touch, Knocks Out Opponent

(Screenshot via Twitter @Grabaka_Hitman)

I’m typically a guy who respects an athlete who uses some savvy gamesmanship to get the upper hand. But while deceiving a guy into thinking you’re going for a glove tap and then actually knocking him out is technically legal, it’s still perhaps the most bush league combat sports move since Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear.

At the Chinese MMA promotion WBK’s 22nd show, Ibragim Khalilov pulled off this all-time scumbag move, with his opponent Bakhtiyar Barotov being the recipient of the immediate knockout.

Check it out for yourself.


(h/t Uproxx)


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