WATCH: Woman Whoops Boyfriend’s Ass After She Catches Him Texting Another Girl



A woman gave her boyfriend the beating of a lifetime after she caught him texting another girl. Staying faithful to your girlfriend has never looked more appealing. Watch this poor shmuck get a thorough ass whoopping.

“Did you motherf*cking think I was CRAAAZZZZYYYY!?!?” I almost died of laughter the way she kept saying crazy. Some tech-savvy person needs to edit her voice into that Gnarls Barkley banger ASAP. But goddamn, that was one ferocious beatdown. I guess that guy learned the hard way not to cheat when you have legs like toothpicks and your girlfriend is built like Booker T.

Although I’m sure he was in a tremendous amount of pain after taking such a whooping, I think his ego might be feeling even worse. Getting beat up by a girl in a room full of other girls, and then having the fight footage uploaded to the internet for millions of people to see is as embarrassing as it gets. What an emasculating series of events. If I were this guy, I’d join the Peace Corps and be on the next plane to Cambodia.

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