WATCH: Huge Fight Breaks Out At Kentucky Walmart



This video started making its rounds on the internet today, but it was apparently shot back on December 23. It seems that the holiday tension was too much for some shoppers at a Kentucky Walmart to handle, as all hell broke loose in the bike isle. Watch the carnage unfold in the video below.

I’ve seen a lot of funny weapons used in viral fight videos over the years, but the use of a bike pump might be my all-time favorite. Somebody tries to take the last 10-speed Huffy away from you? Eat this cold, hard, bike pump steel, ya jabroni. That guy just locked up the Father of the Year Award for those improvisational skills.

But in the defense of these maniacs, there is nothing on earth worse than shopping so close to Christmas. The mere thought of dealing with that chaos makes me want to start celebrating Festivus.

It is comforting to know that kids still love bikes, though. I thought they were only into high-tech bullshit these days. I guess bikes will always be a Christmas staple just like Walmart will always provide first-rate fight videos. Some things never change.

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