A Vigilante Group In China Are Beating Up Mistresses In The Streets



Mistresses are being brutally assaulted in China, and apparently, some people are making money off of it. There’s an agency, which spies on cheating husbands and catches their mistresses. The mistress is usually beaten in the street by a group of angry women. Yikes!

“The Mistress Killer” Zhang Yufen is the head of this private eye organization that is very infamously known to the people in the Henan Province of China. The Mistress Killer knows the pain of losing her man to another woman, and now she is giving many women the opportunity to not only seek revenge on their husbands, but to seek revenge on the women that are taking away their man. Zhang started by harassing her now ex-husband’s mistress, and this aggressive method has since blossomed into a very promising business opportunity. Now, there are scores of women who are seeking the services of The Mistress Killer. This is some pretty crazy sh*t. And videos are popping up online of outed mistresses getting humiliated and beaten in public.

Zhang sometimes confronts these women herself. The first time she used these violent tactics against a mistress, she said that the police turned a blind eye to the attack. She said, “We beat the woman into the middle of the street, causing a traffic jam. There were lots of people standing there, watching us beat the woman.” The police were there and they didn’t do a damn thing. Zhang added, “The police officer told me that he ‘didn’t see what’s happening.’ When I heard this, I knew it’s OK. So I kept beating the mistress.”

Needless to say, The Mistress Killer receives around 100 calls a week from suspicious women. Here are five videos of the brutal attacks on these poor mistresses in China:

It’s time to end this. Seriously, just leave your man instead. There are plenty of other guys out there who won’t cheat on you. This is no excuse for violence. This just proves why he was cheating in the first person (or at least one strong reason why). Who would want to be in a relationship with an unstable, possessive person with violent tendencies? You ladies need to take a chill pill, and try to get back at him another way. Ever hear of a little thing called Ashley Madison?

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