WATCH: Suburban Fight Has It All: Guys, Girls, A Mom, & A Baseball Bat



It’s rare to see a fight video from the suburbs go viral, but this is no ordinary scrap. It was total bedlam in this brawl, as guys, girls, a mom, and a baseball bat joined forces to create a white trash quadfecta of glorious violence. Watch the co-ed fisticuffs fly in the video below.

Beat that ass, Rachel! Goddamn, that was some entertaining mixed tag team action. The MVP of that melee was clearly the girl in the red shirt. She snatched that bat and proceed to dish out a beatdown like she was one of the Baseball Furies from The Warriors.

The biggest loser was definitely that gross mom yelling at everybody. Her daughter was the one who brought out the bat in the first place, so she deserved everything that she had coming to her. I’m also pretty sure the mom referred to her daughter as “my bitch,” which is as cringeworthy as it gets.

I’m still confused how a fight like that could take place in front of such a nice house, though. I’ve been scribbling down equations everywhere like I’m Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, and the only plausible scenarios that I can come up with are that the husband is either a NASCAR driver or a lottery winner.

[h/t Barstool]

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