Emma, WWE: 22 Hottest Photos of Zack Ryder’s Girlfriend & WWE Wrestler



Emma is making a comeback on WWE television as the ever-so-sexy “Emmalina.” She’ll return to the ring very soon to captivate the fans with her flexible in-ring ability and inherent beauty. Many fans miss this stunning Australian-born blonde. But you won’t have to wait until she returns to the WWE because I have the top 22 hottest photos of this sizzling star. It’s what you’ve really been waiting for all along!

Emmalina has went through a few transformations during her continued stay with the WWE. She started off as a quirky, dancing goofball, who came out to the ring moving her arms around in some strange dance, sometimes popping bubbles while she walked down the entrance. After her days in the development territory of NXT, she was promoted to WWE’s main roster, where she retained her goofy persona. On the main roster, she teamed up with comedy-wrestler Santino Marella as his love interest and protégé. However, this duo was short-lived when Marella retired from in-ring competition and television appearances. She then returned to NXT, where she developed a serious mean streak and garnered the nickname “Evil Emma.” She showed promise when she returned to the main roster with her new bad-ass persona, but a back injury got in her way and she was put on the shelf once again.

On WWE Raw each week, you can see teasers for Emma’s return to action. She’ll return as the smokin’ hot Emmalina. And if her looks alone don’t kill, she’ll surely destroy her opponents upon her return to the ring. Before we get into her top 22 hottest photos, I’ll give you all a video preview of Emmalina…

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