Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, New Features & Must-See Rumors

Galaxy S8 Specs


The golden moment of charging your phone while listening to music could very well become a sad, nostalgic memory. Tech blog Sammobile has reported an exclusive confirmation that the Samsung S8 will remove the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. Like it or not, if Samsung takes up this Apple-introduced standard then this could be the future for smartphones everywhere. Samsung’s last big modification was a non-removable battery for the S6 and if memory serves, that change didn’t go over well. Keep in mind, though, that this information isn’t yet confirmed and that Samsung could very well keep their headphone plug considering the poor response that got from Apple.

Thankfully, there’s more information than just conflicting reports about headphone jacks. We’ll keep the updates coming until the big day in February when we find out the exact future for Samsung phones.

Update–12/18/2016: There have been a few new “rumors” added to the list, including items such as a removed home, screen, larger screen size, and more.

Galaxy S8 Specs

Speculation is wild about 4k display for the Galaxy S8. Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium was already the first phone with 4K and received above-average reviews for overall performance. So if Sony can do it why not Samsung? It seems like a smart move, especially if they want to optimize compatibility with Samsung’s Gear VR.

As far as hardware is concerned, there are rumors that it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset–giving better battery life and more power.

Many people will hold out hope that the Galaxy S8 will have removable storage.

Galaxy S8 Features & Functions

Say goodbye to the dual camera and home button and say hello to a bigger user interface and finger print scanner. Bloomberg is now reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will remove a designated home button, opting instead to hide it inside the screen, “buried in the glass in the lower section.” Why get rid of the home button? Because Samsung is hoping to release a bezel-free handset with the Samsung S8.

It’s safe to assume these deductions were made for optimal performance of newer features.

A USB-type c port and speakers are among the list of bundled accessories. This means that charging and listening to music (through headphones compatible with type c port) cannot function together. As for the speakers, no dimensions have been specified.


Samsung just acquired Harman International, the makers of high-quality speaker systems. One benefit to this acquisition means that their connected-car system will be much improved moving forward, but it also gives the possibility of improved stereo speakers.

Galaxy S8 Release Date

The Samsung S8 will make its public eye debut in 2017 during the Mobile World Congress. Reports say the S8 will likely hit the market within the month of March.

Galaxy S8 Price

No details yet on an official price but there’s no harm in an estimate. The Samsung S7 list price is $670 while the Samsung S7 Edge goes for $780. This should spell out the price to be over the $500 range and also urge consumers and fans to seriously start saving up.

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