This Machine Will Grow Weed For You & Then Send You A Text When It’s Done

Usually when I write about futuristic technology, I’m totally not about it. Self-driving Ubers, trips to Mars, it’s all a little too Terminator/Westworld for your boy. Like, has no one seen I, Robot? It was literally warning us about all this yet here we are, barreling towards creating technology we cannot control. However, THIS is some kinda future shit I could get behind.

Seedo is a machine that literally will grow your bud for you and hit you up when it’s done.

Seedo is the first auto grow hydroponics home machine, allowing you to grow herbs and medical plants in-door with no effort at all.

Literally that easy. Yo Seedo, when this tech is finished, hit us up. We’d love to try it out for you.

Find out more about Seedo here.

Eric Italianocoed writer
A New Jersey native who firmly subscribes to the 'it's better to be lucky than good' ideology, my main goal in life is to one day write a Batman screenplay.
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