Shout-Out To That Dumbass Rapper 21 Savage For Making A Move On Kylie Jenner

I CANNOT stand 21 Savage. His music sucks, he has a tattoo in the middle of his f*cking forehead, he sounds stupid, and did I mention his music blows? BUT, that being said, love the savagery (pun intended) of this dude by straight getting after Kylie on social media.

I gotta admit, dude’s got a pretty legit shot at her. Savage and Tyga are essentially indistinguishable: they’re frail, ugly, tattoo-covered, talentless rappers. Tomato-tomahto type shit.

The funniest part of all of this is that Kylie was feeling it too. As MediaTakeOut notes, Jenner actually followed 21 Savage for a hot sec on Instagram:

She unfollowed him almost immediately after her legit lunatic fans noticed the activity.

Gotta say, as much as I can’t stand 21 Savage, I DESPISE Tyga. Dude has no business smashing one of the hottest chicks in the world. So anything to dismantle Tyga, I’m about.

And while you’re here, check out Kylie doing Kylie things on Instagram:


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

[h/t MTO News]

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