I Know A Guy Wanted For Murder And Now The Entire Stoner Community Wants Him Dead

WILD story here, so settle in. A couple days ago, my buddy texts our group chat with a link. The link led us to an offical press release from the Mendocino County Sheriffs Office, saying that a warrant had been issued for the arrest of Zachary Wuester. According to CBS, sheriff’s officials obtained an arrest warrant for the 24-year-old Haskell, New Jersey man, because detectives believe he is the main suspect in the killing of a California man. Now here’s the kicker: I know Zachary Wuester.

Let me be clear: I KNOW him, he is NOT my friend. He is a hometown buddy of one of my college friends. We’ve met, had a couple cigarettes, and nothing beyond that. Last I heard of him, he had an addiction to Ketamine and had fled New Jersey after getting popped with a bunch of drug charges. Can’t legitimately confirm any of this, just what I’ve heard through the grape vine. Point being, this kid’s been on a downward spiral for a couple of years now, but I never thought it would end this tragically.

Via CBS:

A San Francisco Bay Area man was found dead Thursday afternoon in Mendocino County and the county’s sheriff’s deputies are seeking five suspects who are at large.

Deputies responded at 3:39 P.M. to a report of a man who had been allegedly killed on a remote property off North U.S.  Highway 101 in Laytonville

Sheriff’s officials said deputies confirmed that a man had died in a violent assault and identified the man as 35-year-old Bethel Island resident Jeffrey Quinn Settler. Settler was allegedly growing marijuana for sale, which had nothing to do with medical uses, sheriff’s officials said.

Deputies said the killing unfolded early Thursday morning when multiple suspects who Settler had hired as marijuana trimmers came to the property to rob Settler of some processed marijuana.

Settler slept in the same structure where he stored the processed marijuana and the suspects knew this, according to sheriff’s officials. The suspects entered the structure and assaulted Settler so violently that he died.

Wild shit, am I right? Welp, the story gets just a little more bizarre. Turns out, word spread through some online stoner forum, and now smokers across the country are coming out in droves to threaten him in the comment section of his Instagram (P.S. check out these Instagram handles leaving the comments, pure gold):

The story still needs to take one final turn. Just this morning, one of my buddies posted the following photo in our group chat. Apparently, Wuester is still posting to social media. Probably not the best idea when there is a warrant out for your arrest:

So, yeah, overall a tragic, disgusting, weird story that will probably only get uglier and more bizarre.

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