Here Is Donald Trump’s First Interview As President-Elect Of The United States Of America

via CBS

via CBS

Donald Trump gave his first interview as President-elect of the United States of America with Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes. A number of topics were touched on, such as the protests against him winning elections, minorities being harassed by his supporters, the FBI, same-sex marriage and abortion, meeting President Obama, ISIS, and of course, Hillary Clinton. If you’re a Trump guy, this ¬†interview probably makes you feel better about him, and if you’re not a Trump guy, you’ll probably feel a little worse. All in all, this interview changes nothing. Still kind of mind-blown that working-class, rust-belt America put their faith in the guy with the golden chairs, though.

It’s gonna be a fun four years.

You can watch the Donald Trump 60 Minutes interview on CBS’s Official Website HERE.

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