WATCH: Dave Chappelle Resurrects ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Characters In SNL ‘Walking Dead’ Parody

screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

(screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

With Dave Chappelle hosting Saturday Night Live, fans of Chappelle’s Show were treated to a nostalgia trip down memory lane in this parody of The Walking DeadWith so many memorable characters to choose from, Chappelle brought to life crackhead Tyrone Biggums, white newscaster Chuck Taylor, black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon and player hater Silky Johnson. Ultimately, Biggums was the one chosen to get his head knocked off, but then America’s favorite crackhead teaches us the timely lesson that that only empathy can conquer hate.

This sketch makes you realize how badly we could use a Chappelle’s Show revival right about now.

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