Is This The Hottest Lawyer You’ve Ever Seen? (Hint: The Answer Is Yes)

via Instagram

via Instagram

Damn. You wanna talk about a total package. Israeli lawyer Yarden Haham is the definition of the full package. She’s exotic, she’s smart, she can dance, she’s successful, she’s probably super wealthy, and oh yeah, she’s super hot. I’d get my dumbass in trouble just so I could have her represent me. I’d have to courts drag out the process as long as I possibly could just so I could keep chilling with her. Sure, that may ruin any chance I have with her, ya know, cause of that whole lawyer-client code of ethics shit (unless this is The Night Of) but who am I kidding — chick’s way out of my league (and yours) anyway.

Therefore, our best shot with Yarden is to get yourself in trouble and just hope that she feels so sorry for you while during your case that she ends up sleeping with you. Totally realistic scenario.

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