Tennis Player Genie Bouchard Wore A Phenomenal Kim Kardashian Costume

Genie Bouchard's Instagram

Genie Bouchard’s Instagram

Tennis player Genie Bouchard had a little fun at Kim Kardashian’s expense this Halloween. For her costume, the 22-year-old from Montreal, Canada recreated one of Kim’s most famous selfies.


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Kim K #happyhalloween

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I love that Genie stuffed her bra and panties and had the black censor bars on her costume. That commitment to detail is the difference between an average costume and an extraordinary costume.

This wasn’t Genie’s first rodeo when it comes to spectacular Halloween outfits either. Last year, she was easily the sexiest goddamn Bowser I have ever seen.

Sexy bowserrrrrr

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I’d gladly drive through a million lava pits if she was waiting for me at the finish line. In addition to her Kim impersonation, Genie also threw on a dynamite cat costume for some bonus Halloween hotness this year.


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Unbelievable. Genie just finds a way to rise to the occasion each and every Halloween. She makes Reggie Jackson look like a slacker when it comes to impressive October achievements.

Here are some galleries of Genie to hold you over until next year.

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