WATCH: Hockey National Anthem Singer Simultaneously Paints An Incredible Mural

Screenshot via Twitter/ @JordanStrack)

(Screenshot via Twitter/ @JordanStrack)

I’ll be honest, when I first started watching this I was trying to figure out if this guy was totally botching an outline of the United States or was some sort of commie painting another country to make a political point. So I’d suggest you watch this amazing video all the way through before passing judgment on Joe Everson’s unique rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner during last night’s Toledo Walleye minor-league hockey game. I guarantee it’s worth it.


As Pusha T once famously rapped, Joe Everson is a legend in two games like Pee Wee Kirkland. Just a phenomenal display of patriotic multitasking. In about a minute he managed to do two things better than most of us will do in our entire lives.

(h/t SI Extra Mustard)

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