WATCH: Neymar Is Nailed In The Face By A Water Bottle, And Then Lionel Messi Curses Opposing Fans Out

lionel messi neymar water bottle barcelona

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FC Barcelona won their La Liga clash against Valencia 3-2 after Lionel Messi dramatically converted a penalty kick in stoppage time, and the Valencia faithful were understandably frustrated. But one of their fans took his dismay too far by throwing a plastic water bottle at the celebrating group of Barcelona players. The bottle hit Neymar and Luis Suarez in the face in what was a wild scene.

The usually level-headed Messi became incensed and appeared to have yelled “hijos de puta” which translates to “motherf**ckers”. The British tabloid Mirror writes that what Messi appeared to yell in Spanish translates to “The c*** of your mother, son of a thousand w*****!” I’m no expert in lip-reading or Spanish so I’ll take their word for it. Messi appears to have a newfound edge to him now that he has a bleached-blonde boy band hairstyle.

While there’s no excuse for throwing beverages at athletes- ask the excoriated Toronto Blue Jays fan who got arrested for throwing a beer- Neymar can be seen verbally antagonizing the Valencia home crowd after the goal. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident.


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