WATCH: Arizona State’s Kappa Sigma Chapter Hosts A Banger Of A Pool Party

Anthony Celestino's YouTube

Anthony Celestino’s YouTube

Arizona State University’s Kappa Sigma chapter recently threw a casual get-together with some of their closest friends at the Maya Day & Nightclub. And by casual get-together, I obviously mean an insane pool party filled to the brim with gorgeous young ladies. Enjoy the debauchery in the video below.

That looked like such a goddamn blast. It’s no wonder those girls are called Sun Devils, as they are hotter than Satan’s butthole after eating a metric ton of jalapeños.

Without hesitation, I would let Kerri Walsh Jennings fill up one of those inflatable beach balls with rocks and uncork a monster spike directly off my face for 15 minutes in that pool. I don’t think bikinis like that even existed in my college days, and that makes my old ass want to jump off the Key Bridge.

Because I’m a man of the people, here’s links to SMU’s Sigma Chi chapter’s pool party from a couple weeks ago and ASU’s Wet Electric 2014. Just a little bonus material to help our loyal readers get through the day.

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