I Think We Can All Agree The First Lady Looked Fine AF Last Night

(Photo by Shawn Thew - pool/Getty Images)

(Photo by Shawn Thew – pool/Getty Images)

Find me the person who says they wouldn’t smash Michelle Obama, and I’ll show you either a liar, an idiot, or both┬ábecause our First Lady can absolutely get it. And with her time in the nation’s spotlight coming to a close, she appeared to be pulling out all the stops.

For the Obamas’ final state dinner, Michelle straight stunted on the American people with a crazy hot Versace dress (I looked that up, don’t judge me). And it got me thinking, ya know what, Michelle Obama is definitely hot. Seriously, by middle-age woman standards, you could do a lot worse this Michelle.

So to honor┬áMichelle Obama’s final couple months in office, we rounded up her hottest photos on the internet, because this is America, and that’s our right.

We’ll miss you, Michelle.

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