WATCH: Kid Gets Busted With Fake ID, Grabs It Back, Hauls Ass Outta There



This past Saturday, a young man went into a liquor store to go on a beer run. He carried his three cases of delicious Natty Light to the counter and was ready to have himself one helluva night. But unfortunately for this party animal, he was underage and the clerk wasn’t fooled by his fake ID.

I don’t know if grabbing his ID back and hauling ass out of the store was the right move, but I can definitely understand where he was coming from. His world was crashing down on him, and he didn’t want to wait and find out if the clerk was going to confiscate his ID. He who hesitates is lost and there was no way in hell that kid was willing to lose his ID. Fake IDs are like gold at that age, so I can’t fault a man for doing everything in his power to keep his.

He can never go back to that liquor store again, but thanks to his Usain Bolt-esque dash out the door he lives to fight another day. He just needs to study the master of staying cool under pressure when buying alcohol with a fake ID.

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