Massachusettes Should Secede From The Union After Airing This Anti-Marijuana Commercial

First of all, what pretend town is this? Because I want to move here. There were about five pot shops in a 100-yard area. I’m from Jersey so legal bud has yet to hit our state, but if it does, I hope Hoboken looks like this.

But let’s talk about Mom, shall we? Horrible parenting all around. If you’re so mortified at the sight of marijuana, maybe you shouldn’t have signed your daughter up for a daycare right next to a dispensary. And also, Mom, it’s a f*cking pot store, not the Boogey Man. It isn’t going to pop out and snatch up your daughter. If you don’t want her going in there, don’t go in there.

And how about that hilariously dramatic ending… “Mom?!”

Weed is tight. If you live in any of the states voting to legalize it, go do so. It will bring in hella tax revenue, and put some money back in your pocket as you won’t have to give up your taxes to pay for another 20-something being thrown in jail for some pot.

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