Alexis Ren Did Some Skinny Dipping Because Bathing Suits Are For Nerds

19-year-old model extraordinaire Alexis Ren recently had a photo shoot. Instead of frolicking around in the water in a traditional bathing suit like a total jabroni, Ren opted to go naked. This was such a genius move on so many levels it’s unreal. She avoids pesky tan lines, it’s a more efficient way to beat the heat, and she gives perverts all over the world heart palpitations.

Enjoy some of the jaw-dropping pics that photographer Kim Akrich took of Alexis.

I would’ve gladly swam across shark-infested waters to be present during that shoot. It’d be like being a fly on the wall while Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel.

Because no human can look at just four pictures of Alexis Ren and call it a day, scroll through the gallery below for some more of her greatest hits.

Toby HastyCOED Writer
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