A Texas Tech Student May Have Been Stabbed By A Clown Last Night



I say ‘may’ because the only source for this story is Twitter. Some tweets say there was a stabbing, others say there was just a sighting, but all of them said the clown was arrested. One thing is for certain: there was definitely a clown sighting on the Texas Tech campus Monday night, resulting in the school being placed on lockdown.

We do not like this meme, guys. It is not dank. Pls stahp.

Not much is known about the incident as the only source of news is coming from students’ Twitters, which as we know, are less than reliable. For example, this chick claims that clown stabbed a student, and was then shot and killed:

And then, on the other hand, there is this student, claiming the entire situation is being overblown:

Texas Tech is far from the only place where creepy clowns have been spotted. Check out

Also, here’s a video of one of these stupid clowns getting their ass beat:

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