WATCH: Student Buys Teacher Pair Of Air Jordan 12 Video


Sometimes in life, there you come across teachers and mentors who really care about you and how you grow as a student and person. They’re not doing it for the respect or the thanks, but because they’re good people trying to make the world a better place.

It seems like at least one particular teacher in Lubbock, TX is doing just that. High school student Hector Montez saved up some of his own money and bought his coach and teacher, Coach Walser, a pair of Coach’s favorite shoes: the Air Jordan 12’s. Apparently not only is Coach Walser a great guy, the dude has great taste. The Air Jordan 12s are about as fresh a shoe as there ever was.

Check out the amazing video and show of appreciation from Montez below:

Of course, now the videos are being shared by NBC Sports and Bleacher Report and everyone else, so Hector Montez is also receiving a ton of followers and support on his Twitter. What a sneaky smart dude. But also a good dude. Big ups big man.

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