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Kennesaw State Dude Hacks Into School Account And Goes All Robin Hood On His Friends Grades

chad hughes

Chase Hughes is a Kennesaw State University student and probably the best friend that anyone could have ever asked for. Chase was accused of hacking into the school’s system and then changing his own grades from a “B” to an “A” and the grades of some of his friends from an “F” to an “A.” Of course, he also stole some personal identification information from 32 of his KSU professors and some of his fellow students, but let’s not really concentrate on that little tidbit of information.

From Fox 5 Atlanta:

Kennesaw Police say Chase Arthur Hughes illegally accessed the university’s Owl Express program to alter his grades and the grades of four other students. Police say he also stole the personal data of his fellow students and, at least, three professors at the university.

Hughes reportedly used his girlfriend’s Internet to hack the system between May and September.

Using the professor’s professional accounts, police say he examined sensitive information, including employment history, credit, financial and medical information.

Hughes also recorded the usernames and passwords of, at least, 36 faculty members in a notebook officers found in his home.

Chase is a guy who takes one for the team. Not only is he bumping his grades up, he’s bumping up the grades of his friends from literally failing, to top of the class. No doubt that he’s a standup guy.

**Side note: What are the chances that he changed his friends’ grades drastically from an F to an A to make it look like they could have been the ones to do it? That would be some really serious hacker mentality type stuff.**

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