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WATCH: Texas A&M Beta Theta Pi Beta Bayou Looked Like A Hell of Party


If this video recap is to be believed, Beta Bayou down at Texas A&M with Slim Thug was an absolute slobberknocker. Party animals left and right, drinks flowing like water, and trashy as hell/sexy redneck outfits. First up was Prismo, a huge up-and-coming DJ with a massive Soundcloud following. Dude plays hot, hot fire.

The icing on the cake is Slim Thug, who we’re happy to see is Still Tippin.

Slim Thug and the whole Swishahouse movement was my absolute jam back in the day, so it’s good to see kids these days respecting a legend. Of course, Slim is a Texas local so it makes sense that College Station would stay bumping his music. Check out the party below.

We like our men like we like our Torchey's tacos…🌮❤️ #betabayou

A photo posted by Alexis R. (@alexisrupert) on

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