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Cop Literally Talks A Man Off The Ledge By Talking About How Much They Hate The Dallas Cowboys

cowboys suicide

Woah. First of all, this cop is impressive. He sounds super f*cking young. Way too young to have any sort of experience in this kind of matter. But this cop, Officer Michael Blackmore, absolutely hits it out of the park. With all the negative headlines surrounding the police this past year, it’s always nice to be reminded of the genuinely good job 90% of our law enforcement is doing.

via The Dallas Morning News:

In footage from his body camera, Officer Michael Blackmore can be seen talking to a man crying and saying he no longer wants to live. The officer tried to calm the man in a handful of ways before finding the right approach with football.

Eventually the man said “I hate Dallas,” cluing the officer in.

The officer found out the man was a Washington fan and went with that angle.

“I’ll see you sometime next week one day and say, ’How about those Redskins?’ I’m definitely gonna pull for them when they play Dallas because I hate Dallas,” the officer said.

Blackmore and another officer were able to help the man get down from the edge of the bridge soon after that.

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