Yes! You Can Now Use Science To Defend Your Crippling ‘Binge-Watching’ Habit! Thanks Bill Nye!

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Billllll Nyeeee, The Science Guy! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Thank god for Bill Nye, cause, seriously, when I’m about four or five episodes into my binge, sometimes I question myself and where my life is headed. Luckily, thanks to Bill Nye and his BFF science (!), I don’t feel like such a piece of shit anymore.

The reason for this video is because Bill Nye is making his epic return to television with a new show on Netflix called Bill Nye Saves The World. If we’re lucky, it’ll be half as good as his show from the ’90s, Bill Nye the Science Guy. That show was my jam as a kid, so you can bet your ass I’ll be tuning into Nye’s new show to see what kind of sciencey goodness he’ll be serving up in 2016.

Also, because #TBT:

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