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‘Between Two Ferns’ With Hillary Clinton Is Actually Really Hilarious, Maybe She Does Have Human Emotion After All

Hillary Clinton between two ferns

via Funny Or Die

Somewhere around the time of The Campaign and The Hangover Part 3, I jumped off the Zach Galifianakis ship. His shtick got old and he got annoying. His new movie with Owen Wilson and Kristen Wiig, Masterminds, also looks terrible. And it’s a shame because when he wants to be — when he does this awkward humor — he’s hilarious.

Between Two Ferns has always been funny, but this surprisingly may be the funniest one. This is the type of PR that Hillary Clinton┬áneeds, to be honest. Ya know, to show that she’s capable of basic human emotions such as sarcasm and humor.

As for Galifianakis, we can only hope he returns to his roots and starts doing comedy like this more often.

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