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A Mississippi Middle School Is Dealing With Their Second Bomb Threat In Two Days

st martin middle school bomb

via WXXV 25 on Twitter

St. Martin Middle School is experiencing its second bomb scare in less than 24 hours at St. Martin Middle School. Th school is on lockdown and a  bomb dog is on the way. Student and faculty at St. Martin Middle School were evacuated due to a threatening note found at the school. The school was also evacuated yesterday for a bomb threat.

According to the Sun Herald:

Capt. Chris Stratton said the sheriff’s department got the call of a possible bomb threat from the school about 11 a.m. He said a note with a threatening message was found somewhere in the school.

“We’re on lockdown. There was a note that had mentioned a potential threat so we’re waiting for the sheriff’s department to check it out,” Amacker said.

An official from St. Martin Middle School confirmed students and faculty were evacuated after a note mentioning a possible bomb threat was found in a restroom on Tuesday. The school was evacuated after a bomb dog was brought in, which is exactly what is being done today.

Stratton said the department would review school surveillance video for leads in the case. However, he would not comment on what they have found s0 far.

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