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WATCH: The Sigma Chi House at UCF Is Awesome, But There’s Just One Thing We Don’t Understand


The Sigma Chi brothers at the University of Central Florida have a pretty dope fraternity house they call home, complete with dogs, nice rooms, and some dope whips in the back. We know this because B) it’s our job to know who has great houses and B) because College Weekly just made a sweet video about their crib. Obviously, I’d have been much happier with this house than what we had at Gettysburg, but there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on that’s weird.

Maybe if we rewatch the video below, we’ll be able to figure it out.

Ahh, yes. That’s it. We know that attractive chicks will flock to great fraternity houses, but what’s up with them hopping on the sticks? Do girls even play FIFA? I’m not trying to be sexist, and I know that one of the controllers actually looks pink, but I’m genuinely surprised at this.

But you know what, shout out the Sigma Chi brothers for passing the sticks.

UCF Sigma Chi

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