Netflix, Which Can Apparently Read Minds, Knows The Exact Episode That Got You Hooked On Your Favorite TV Shows


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Who the f*ck does Netflix think they are? I mean yeah, I understand they revolutionized the way we consume television, but now all of a sudden they’re clairvoyants? Nah, nah, nah, I don’t think so Netflix. You know nothing about me.

Yesterday, Netflix released data for the “episode that took watchers from casual to committed – that is, the episode that kept 70% of viewers watching through a first season’s end,” according to a press release. Their data concludes that took all of two episodes for viewers to become obsessed with Stranger Things, and three for Narcos. I can personally attest to both of these, and tell you that Netflix is wrong. I was hooked on Stranger Things after only one episode, and as for Narcos, it took at least four or five. Netflix says it takes four episodes to be hooked on Making A Murderer, which is also a steaming pile of crap, cause everyone I know was balls deep after the first episode.

Here’s the graphic detailing Netflix’s mind reading/sorcery:

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