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Natalia Taylor, A Miss COED 2016, Was Apparently Kidnapped As A Kid


This kidnapping story from Natalia Taylor, a Miss COED 2016, is the craziest story we’ve heard in a long time. And apparently. we’re not the only ones┬ábecause her video is going viral in a serious way. Those of you who remember Natalia know that she’s a model who also has a YouTube video series on which she discusses various topics (including modeling), but recently she told an extremely personal and harrowing story about what happened to her and her father.

At the age of seven, Natalia was kidnapped by her father, Rod, who had gone insane. Her parents had gotten divorced and somewhere along the way Rod had lost it and started to believe that he was Jesus Christ. One day, while Natalia was at her aunt and uncle’s house, Rod came by, acted aggressively towards her aunt, and kidnapped Natalia. The police got involved and an Amber Alert was issued. From the Daily Mail:

After hours in her father’s beat up red truck, they arrived at a church where, Natalia says, Rod began talking about his delusional beliefs.

‘He truly believed he was Jesus Christ and it’s a really terrifying thing to think that someone really thinks that they’re invincible,’ she says. ‘Like he had power over everyone in the world.’

He then told her that they were going to have ‘the best day’ of her entire life: they were going to Cedar Point amusement park. The young Natalia, confused by the situation she was in, simply thought this was a surprise for her birthday, which was just two days away.

Honestly, the whole story is absolutely insane and thankfully it all worked out after, serendipitously, her father ran a red light in front of a policeman who called it in. Backup arrived and Rod was tased and arrested.

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