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Here Are The Highlights From Marshawn Lynch’s Appearance On ‘Conan’ Last Night

marshawn lynch on conan

via Conan on TBS

I seriously think the NFL needs Marshawn Lynch now more than ever. There’s something mythical about the guy at this point. He was dominant and mysterious, and pulled a Barry Sanders by retiring when he still probably had plenty of gas left in the tank. And the more we learn about him and his personality off the field, the more we want to hear from him. He’s just an interesting dude. You see him on on Running Wild with Bear Grylls last week? Absolute gold.

Anyway, Beast Mode was on Conan last night and we learned a couple of things. First, is that Marshawn is now sponsored by some Seattle-based chocolate company. Second, is that Lynch, as always, has a surprisingly poignant point of view, this time when discussing Colin Kaepernick.

Lynch, quit playin’ games and sign with the Raiders already. The NFL and its fans miss you.

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