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Marika Fruscio: 22 Hottest Photos of Italian TV Presenter

Marika Fruscio Hottest Photos

Marika Fruscio is the extremely attractive Italian sports presenter on Channel 7 Gold who’s famous for two things mostly, and the antics that they get up to on live television. Earlier this year, Fruscio went viral because of an incident where she had a slight wardrobe malfunction on live television. But that little mishap only brought her to the attention of Americans. Italians have known about Marika Fruscio for years.

She’s a huge Napoli fan and has the great position of getting to meet and greet some of her favorite soccer stars. She takes a ton of photos when she meets them. She also takes a ton of photos when she’s all by herself. In fact, this Facebook page of Marika Fruscio has more selfies of the same outfit than we’ve ever seen from a single person, ever. Not that we’re complaining, of course, we only mention it because we pulled together a select few that will give you a good idea of just who Marika is.

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