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An Arrest Warrant Was Issued For The Browns’ Josh Gordon, And Nope, It’s Not Because Of Marijuana

josh gordon arrest warrant

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This is going to be Josh Gordon’s last season in the NFL. I’m calling it. Dude has all the talent in the world, but at some point, even the hapless Cleveland Browns are going to have enough of his sh*t. In all honesty, Gordon is probably a decent dude. But also, in all honesty, he’s a blatant idiot. The only surprising part of this story is that is surprising is that Gordon’s warrant is in fact NOT drug related. Nope, this time it’s a paternity case. I can imagine Gordon, being stoned, saying something along the lines of: “That kid don’t look like me. I ain’t paying shit.”

The arrest warrant, signed by a judge on August 31, was issued after Gordon failed to respond to “several months worth of subpoenas” in a paternity case. Via

The case stems from a complaint made in juvenile court from Christina Lockhart of Maple Heights, who says Gordon is the father of her now 1-year-old daughter.

Lockhart filed the complaint July 2, 2015, saying no one else is presumed to be the father, other than Gordon.

Lockhart is on public welfare and is seeking child support from Gordon, according to the complaint filed by Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Kira Kittoe Krivosh.

According to the report, Gordon was ordered to give a DNA sample in the case before September 25, 2016, but never responded.

Multiple subpoenas were sent to Gordon in multiple states (California and Ohio) and at multiple addresses in Cleveland.

Josh Gordon: could be the most talented player on the field, but is the dumbest player off it.

And since you’re here, get a good laugh at the osteoporosis clown that is RG3:

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