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WATCH: Daredevil Jumps Off 5th Story Balcony Into Pool



If you’re into heart-stopping GoPro jumps, then you need to follow 8Booth’s YouTube channel. The guy is either a super hero or he has a death wish. Or hell, maybe it’s a bit of both. All I know is that my palms get sweaty just watching this daredevil go to work. Here’s 8Booth jumping off a 5th story balcony into a pool at a Laguna Beach, California hotel.

Does someone have a fresh pair of drawers I could borrow? Goddamn, that was nerve-racking. I know some people are adrenaline junkies, but there are much better ways to get a rush. Watch a scary movie, ride a roller coaster, or eat a metric ton of baked beans before a first date. All of these options are great for thrill-seekers and you won’t end up looking like the Jump To Conclusions Mat guy from Office Space after his car accident.

Here’s a couple more videos of 8Booth cooking up some GoPro magic for the road. Check out his channel for all of his batshit crazy jumps.

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