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UDel Police Ticket So Many People For Underage Drinking They Have to Bring Port-a-Potties For Minors Waiting In Line

University of Delaware Arrests

The University of Delaware has always had a reputation for being a little crazy when it comes to college parties, so a day party on a lawn with around 200 students isn’t too much to write home about. But for some reason, the Newark Police decided it’d be a good idea to commandeer Middletown, Delaware State Troopers and the Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement agency to bust up a small-ish party this past weekend.

Here’s how it happened, according to (nothing exciting, I promise you):

Officers from Newark police were patrolling the area and noticed a party on the block.

Police say alcohol was seen being freely distributed to the guests, many of which appeared to be under the age of 21.

We’re not congratulating the Newark Policemen on their fine police work or anything, but our favorite part about our the story is that because of the sheer number of people they were trying to ticket, the police department shipped in portable toilets because of the wait time and folding tables to help with the paperwork. That’s some serious dedication to busting up a party hosted by kids who neighbors referred to as “students who… are respectful of their neighbors.”

All in all, the Newark police ticketed about 180 underage students, two of whom were under the age of 18.

Why stop assaults and robberies while there's dope charity events like this to ruin? #NewarkLogic

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u rushing, bro? #raided 🚓

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