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The NJ Cop Shot In Head During Shootout With Bomber Released From Hospital


Peter Hammer is an Elizabeth, NJ policeman who suffered a head injury when he confronted and shot the suspected bomber and terrorist Ahmad Rahami. Not just any head injury mind you, the injury he suffered was a graze wound from a bullet that came inches from killing the hero.

Officer Hammer was released from the hospital in a wheelchair late Tuesday morning, but not before he and the other officers who arrested Rahami spoke with President Barack Obama.

“They are going to be fine, they sustained some modest injuries but ones that they’ll rapidly recover from,’ Obama said. “They were in good spirits and I communicated to them of how appreciative the American people are.”

What Happened?

Hammer was one of the first officers to respond to the call about Rahami, along with fellow officers Angel Padilla and Mark Kahana. Officer Padilla was struck by a bullet in the abdomen, but he was wearing a bullet proof vest, so he probably suffered some severe bruising. Officer Hammer was ducked behind a police car when a bullet flew through the window, causing severe lacerations on his head/face.

Rahimi, on the other hand, is still in the hospital. The suspected bomber was shot a number of times and was then taken to the hospital.

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