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Lindsey Pelas: Hottest GIFs On The Internet

Lindsey Pelas gifs

via instagram/lindseypelas

Lindsey Pelas is one of the most popular models on the planet, as she boasts a whopping 4.6 million followers on Instagram. She travels to exotic locales and posts pictures flaunting her assets, and the followers instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. It’s not exactly a revolutionary strategy, but is it super effective.

While Lindsey’s scintillating Instagram game isn’t rocket science, the GIFs below do defy the laws of physics. Some of Lindsey’s tops deserve Medals of Honor for having the strength to keep her majestic cannons restrained. Or, if you look at it the other way, they deserve vicious beatdowns for being so damn selfish and not crumpling under extreme pressure.

I highly recommend taking a long, hard look at each and every one of these GIFs. You never know, maybe a nipple will finally poke its way out on the 17th consecutive viewing. Better safe than sorry.

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