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WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Weakly Defends Soft Trump Interview: “Have You Seen My Show? I’m Never Too Hard On Anyone”

Getty Images)

(Getty Images) 

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon received a great deal of scorn for his nauseating interview with Donald Trump that included him patting the Republican candidate’s famous hair. So when a TMZ cameraman asked him to respond to the criticism, Fallon stammered, “Have you seen my show? I’m never too hard on anyone.”


Translation : If you’re looking for serious discourse, look elsewhere. Jimmy Fallon’s show appeals to the lowest common denominator and is mostly just him making a fool of himself while giggling about it.

I’m definitely not a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s cornball show, but if you tune in expecting him to turn into Walter Kronkite because a political candidate is his guest, that’s just not realistic.

Also, what is with Fallon turning a leaf into a mustache at the beginning of the video?  WTF?



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