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Shout Out To This Old Dude Who Parties Like It’s 1982, Gets Twerked On At Notre Dame Tailgate

via Barstool

I want to know what events led to this situation. Well, let’s start with the facts. First of all, he’s on top of a car. Not sure if they ventured up there together, or if he was already there and she joined him, but that’s where he is. Second, the girl is pretty cute. Wasted, but she ain’t bad. Not sure what she was thinking though. She should have known someone would probably tape this, and that it would probably go viral. Her face is realllly¬†in it too. Like, if you know this girl, you will recognize this girl immediately. Not exactly the best look you want to have on campus. Next think you know people will start referring to her as “the Dad F*cker.”

Good for both of them really. No sense of shame from either of them. Can’t say I’d ever act this way but I give credit to those who do.

[h/t Barstool Sports]

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