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Fired Bills Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman Refutes Reports Of Hostility Between He And Rex Ryan

Buffalo Bills Rex Roman


Rex Ryan is the NFL’s Donald Trump.

Rex is a boisterous loudmouth who became far more famous than he deserved mostly because he was based in New York, just like Trump. Both claim to be fully self-made but actually had a father who paved the way for their success. And when us New Yorkers realized they were both way too volatile to trust, Trump and Ryan both became the saviors for disgruntled blue-collar populations that are becoming increasingly desperate to reclaim their former moderate success. And it seems like both Rex and Donald are a pretty good bet to finally be out of our lives after election day.

So when the Buffalo News reported that fired Bills offensive coordinator was Greg Roman “was not known to have been the biggest Ryan fan,” it seemed plausible.  The report also states that Roman privately told at least one person after last season that he thought Ryan was a “buffoon” and “being affiliated with him wasn’t going to be good for his career,” which also appeared reasonable.

But today in an exclusive interview with Sporting News, Roman refuted the report.

“I have nothing but respect for coach Ryan and I thought we had a great working relationship,” Roman said Sunday afternoon in a telephone interview. “We met and he informed me of his decision. I thought it was handled very professionally. We then discussed how we could best make this work for everybody moving forward.”

Whether with Ryan or Trump, it’s always the underlings who are sent packing as a result of their ineptitude. But perhaps in this case it was the case that the Buffalo News either misreported or made that report with an agenda.

It really is no surprise that Rex Ryan was the one to introduce Trump in Buffalo, or that the notoriously delusional candidate wrongfully said that Ryan won two AFC championships as coach of the Jets.

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