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WATCH: London Officer Smashes Car Window In ‘Case of Mistaken Identity’


(Screenshot via Twitter/ OfficialSoSolid)


In this shocking video, a London cop can be seen stopping someone mistakenly and then smashing his car. From Metro:

The video, which has not yet been independently verified, has been shared on Twitter and Instagram where the officer’s actions have been described as ‘mindless vandalism and intimidation’.

A man who wanted to be referred to by just his first name, Leon, told the Press Association he was the driver and the person who filmed the footage.

He said the incident took place on Friday evening in the Gospel Oak area of north London, and said it was a case of ‘mistaken identity’, describing the officer’s actions as ‘a completely unlawful act’.

Another day, another contoversial police video. This one doesn’t hit home quite as much because it took place in a foreign country, but it’s definitely disheartening in its own right.

(h/t Metro)


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