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Texas High School Building A $70 Million Stadium Down The Street From A Rival With A $60 Million One


Dallas suburb Allen High School has made news with their $60 million Eagle Stadium that seats 18,000. Now nearby rival McKinney High School- which is located just up the street- has one-upped them by breaking ground on a stadium with a $70 million stadium price tag.

While that seems like a foolish investment to just about everybody who doesn’t live in Texas, high school football truly is a religion there. As anyone who has read Friday Night Lights or seen either the movie or football version knows, high school football often receives disproportionate investments, and it is the citizens who usually vote to approve these types of projects.

Even in Texas though, not everyone is supportive. From the LA Times:

In McKinney, a booming Dallas suburb of about 162,000 residents where the the median household income is $83,000, many seem to share a similar stance on the stadium — sure it’s expensive, but the students deserve it. But one group has fiercely opposed the new project: Grassroots McKinney, an offshoot of the local tea party.

Preserving a rich football culture has its benefits to these Texas communities, but you really have to question whether it is worth it once it becomes this costly.

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