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South Park’s Solution To The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Controversy Is Too Good To Be True

South Park Colin Kaepernick

via Comedy Central

I’ve been hyping up South Park all week. The respect I have for Trey Parker and Matt Stone is through the stratosphere, and I knew last night they would hit a home run. There is simply too much ridiculousness going on the world for South Park to not deliver. And while my expectations for the season 20 premiere were lofty, I never expected them to tackle as many issues as they did. Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, the National Anthem, Matt Lauer, movie reboots, and the presidential candidates were all squarely caught in South Park‘s crosshairs, and they blew them all to hell.

I truly mean this when I say it: this nation needs South Park now more than ever.

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