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Meet The 12-Year Old Girl With The Insanely Beautiful Voice Who Won America’s Got Talent Last Night

Grace Vanderwaal

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

12-year-old singer Grace VanderWaal is the latest winner of America’s Got Talent. According to host Simon Cowell, the pre-teen ukelele playing Taylor Swift lookalike is maybe the most talented contestant to ever compete on the show.

However, she did not always want to be on America’s Got Talent, as she originally had dreams of competing on American Idol. According to USA Today, VanderWaal said, “It’s always been a dream to go on American Idol, but you have to be 15 or older… I’m not even gonna lie: I wasn’t really a die-hard fan before I auditioned. Of course, I’ve watched all the seasons. I’ve power-watched everything. I, of course, knew who Simon Cowell was.”

Grace’s journey began after she received the golden buzzer way back in June, sending her straight through to the semi-finals:

Her performance quickly went viral, with many comparing her to Taylor Swift. When asked if she believed she could win, she responded, “Well miracles can happen, so possibly.” Well, about three months later, that miracle happened. Grace won.

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