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Someone Finally Got Trump To Shut The Hell Up, And There Is Actual Glorious Video Of It

Maybe Trump really is the antichrist, because this Pastor shut Trump up faster than he could say “Hacking Hillary Clinton.” I mean, but seriously, have you ever seen Trump get bitched out so hard?

Today, while giving a speech in Flint, Michigan to thank local pastors for their work during the city’s water crisis, Trump devolved into his one of his ‘Hillary is the devil’ tirades. However, this brave Pastor was having none of it. She walked right up to him and was all like, ‘Look, Donny. I didn’t invite you here for any of this sh*t. Just thank the pastors like you’re supposed to, and get the hell out of here’:

Maybe this Pastor is Trump’s kryptonite. If the Democrats want to stand any chance, they should probably hire her.

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