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NFL Sinks To All-Time Low, Bans Fans From Ordering Customized ‘Harambe’ Jerseys

Is the NFL allergic to good decisions? Seriously, at this point, I wonder if the NFL holds weekly meetings where they deliberate about how they can royally f*ck up next. Whether it be pissing off women, military vets, or essentially every other demographic in this great nation, the NFL just knows how to grind people’s gears. Now, they may have taken their first step into alienating what may be their most valuable demographic: the bros.

In an almost unprecedented move of stupidity, the NFL has banned the customization of “HARAMBE” jerseys. That’s right, the No Fun League has found a way to crap on Harambe’s memory. THANKS`, Goodell.

Via Bleacher Report:

ESPN’s Darren Rovell noted Wednesday the NFL has prohibited fans from customizing jerseys with the name of everyone’s favorite gorilla. And sure enough, when you visit the league’s official online fan shop and try to put “Harambe” on the nameplate, you get an error message.

All jokes aside (and yes, making fun of the NFL is hilarious), I really don’t get their logic here. Who are they trying to protect? The Cincinnati Zoo employees? Their faithful patrons? Harambe’s offspring? Who in the f*ck could they be trying to appease? If the internet has proven anything, it’s that most people love a good Harambe meme. In fact, I’d say 8 out of every 10 human beings enjoy the Harambe memes.

But the NFL doesn’t give a sh*t. Throw your girl on a pile of guns? Play for the Cowboys. Rape a chick? Be a quarterback for the Steelers. Trying to make a customized Harambe jersey? Oh no no no, says the NFL, that’s taking it too far.

If it’s contractually possible, I can see Goodell being fired within the next calendar year.

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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