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Dr. Bennet Omalu, The Dude Will Smith Played In ‘Concussion,’ Believes Hillary Clinton Is Being Poisoned

Bennet Omalu

via LA Times

Woah dude. I mean, I know that you made a name for yourself, and got a movie made about yourself, for having massive balls and tackling an issue no one wants to talk about. You stuck you neck wayyyyy out there, banking on your intelligence, and you were right. That’s awesome. I’m all for it, and honestly, Concussion was a pretty decent movie. But this? I mean, I love a good conspiracy theory (my buddy tells me Hillary Clinton‘s clone has been malfunctioning), but this one may be too far.

Dr. Omalu took to Twitter to express his concerns that not only does he think Hillary Clinton is being poisoned, but that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump could have some sort of involvement. Yeah, exactly, woah dude. Sounds like the plot of a Tarantino movie in which two bad guys team up to topple another bad guy. That, and the fact that would be espionage that this nation hasn’t seen since the like of Benedict Arnold.

Omalu is, maybe literally, one of the most respected doctors in the game. The dude took on the NFL and won, so you know the man means business. But DAYUM, that’s quite the hot take.

These wild rumors began weeks ago after Clinton had coughing fits a couple of public appearances, but the rampant speculation hit a fever pitch after she appeared to faint at a 9/11 memorial:

Honestly, I’m gonna ride with my buddy Ryan. I’m taking a stance. I believe Hillary Clinton is a clone, and it’s currently malfunctioning. Just like that time Draymond Green’s clone broke down:

Tell me that isn’t f*cking weird. Stay woke, people.

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